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Classic Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration By CarTech-UK – Kenilworth, Coventry

Most people have been interested in classic car restoration ever since day one of their creation. Ever since the first cars turned out, someone decided to restore one of them and the same goes for today. The beauty of classic cars is the bold lines, the crowns and the contours of the sheet metals placed there by the manufacturers.

Classic Car Restoration

Classic car restoration is the process of bringing it back to the way it was when it was first built. This involves repairing or even re-creating some of the car parts. Which could be anything from the entire engine, the brakes, the engine cooling systems or electrical systems. Some of the best classic car restorers try to use the original genuine parts as much as possible. This is for the assurance that the restored car is as close to its original shape as possible. In case the original parts as not available, some restorers could custom-fabricate those parts or components.

Classic Car Restoration – Warwickshire, West Midlands

A full classic car restoration could take anywhere from months to years before completion and cost thousands of dollars. It is often a very daunting task that should not be taken lightly at all. For this reason, a restorer must have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them to achieve this goal. Actually, it works even better when the restorer has a genuine passion for the task.  Someone whom is simply in love with classic cars and the task of bringing them back to life.

The classic car will only be considered restored if and when it is successfully returned to its state when it was first sold. If some of the parts are simply repaired or even replaced, then it will be called a repair job and not a complete restoration.

Nowadays, classic car restoration has become a very lucrative enterprise with the growing number of enthusiast and all. It has become a serious passion for both the restorers as well as the automobile owners. Vintage car owners need to only deal with expert restorers if they want their precious classic cars brought back to their original form.

If you have a classic car restoration project near Kenilworth, Coventry, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire,  you need to make sure you get the very best. You should go to the restorers shop and look at the cars they have restored. What they are doing and how they are doing it. See that the cars they have resorted look like the results you would like to see on your car. Otherwise, if all they have done are repair jobs then you had best leave and look elsewhere.

Classic cars are a thing of beauty and bringing them back to their original shape needs professional experts.

Car Wrapping Coventry

Car Wrapping Coventry

Car Wrapping Coventry

Car Wrapping Coventry, Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick & Stratford-on-Avon have become extremely great marketing tools for numerous companies as well as all kinds of businesses. They are quite cost effective and can be used to enhance the general look as well as appearance of cars. When you are considering car wrapping Coventry, you could either get a full wrap or a partial wrap.

Car Wrapping Coventry

The full wrap will cover the entire vehicle and give it a complete new look. This can easily make an old car look brand new again if done well by a professional. The partial wrap is done on a certain targeted area and it can be ideal for cars used for marketing purposes.

Car Wrapping Coventry, Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick & Stratford-on-Avon

The wrapping process

  1. The first phase of a car wrapping is where the car measurements are taken and the car is inspected. This is called the consultation phase and it is where the wrap details, options as well as possibilities are discussed. You will give details about your desired design and the professionals will advice you accordingly. It is during this phase that it will be decided whether your car requires a full or partial wrap.
  2. This is the design phase and the professionals will get to work on the attention grabbing design for your car. You will be notified of all the steps so you can approve the design in all steps.
  3. After that is the production phase which is about printing the graphics on the vinyl. Lamination is also done in order to keep the vinyl well protected from abrasions.  Elements such as UV rays that could make the graphic fade quite easily.
  4. Finally, the vinyl will be applied to the car by experts ensuring that everything goes where it should. Wrong placing of the wrapping could make it look amateurish. This is why you need to hire professionals for this task.

Car Wrapping Coventry, Birmingham, Leicester, Northampton & Kenilworth

Despite the fact that high quality Car Wrapping Coventry could last for years, you need to care for it and maintain it well for it to stay on its top shape. You need to keep in mind that repainted car paint or old paint could peel off once the wrapping is removed. Once you have the vinyl installed, it is recommended that you wait a week or two before you wash the car.

When it comes to washing it, it is best that you wash it by hand. Instead of using high pressure washes, which could affect the hold of the wrap. In order to keep the window graphics intact, make it a habit to use the rear window defroster instead of using an ice scrapper because it could damage the vinyl and print. When you are cleaning the exterior of the car, avoid using any harsh chemicals or washing items that are bound to leave the wrap damaged.

alloy wheel refurb kenilworth

Alloy Wheel Refurb

Alloy Wheel Refurb in Kenilworth

Reasons to let professionals carry out an Alloy Wheel Refurb

Some people perceive the alloy wheels as the most appealing part of a car. Which is why it is extremely important to keep them looking their best. It feels very good driving around in a sparkling clean car which also has lovely shiny wheels as well. With all the dirt on the roads, at some point your alloy wheels are going to need some refurbishment.

alloy wheel refurb

Most people think that replacement alloy wheels are better but I disagree. Alloy wheel refurb tend to have more benefits than replacement.  There are two ways to go about refurbishing, which are DIY or letting a professional handle the job. For this type of job, a professional is a lot better and below are some reasons why.

Alloy Wheel Refurb in Coventry, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth

Experience, equipment and knowledge is the very first reason why you should have a professional refurbish your alloy wheels. The fact that an expert will have more skill and knowledge to effectively to carry out the job than you. They will begin the process by deflating the tires from the wheels.  Then remove any dirt, grime on it before any kind of work can commence. The expert will have knowledge on chemicals and they will know the kind that will damage or be good for your wheels during the stripping process. The wrong chemicals could damage the alloy wheel refurb and create further issues.

The next step will be to blast the wheels in order to remove all embedded particles as well as the remaining finish. If you were to do the refurbishing at home, unless you have all these machines, how would you go about this process? If you miss out one process like the blasting, you will definitely not get the best results.

Alloy Wheel Refurb in Warwickshire

What comes after this is the painting process. The skills needed for this process in order to come out with a proper and perfect finish takes years to master. The paint mush be spot on and must be done quickly enough so that it does not dry different shades. One thing most people have a dilemma about is runny paint because if applied too thick it is bound to run. This is why you need an expert because they will know the right amount to use. Experts have years doing alloy wheel refurb in Kenilworth on different cars.  They will know how to give you the best results while you might not be able to achieve them on your own.

Next after that is the drying process and a professional will use the heated oven to dry the base coat. Once this is done, the last step is to apply the clear lacquer. This will give the wheels the fantastic shine and will also protect the paint underneath.

Kenilworth Car Body Repairs

Kenilworth Car Body Repairs

Kenilworth Car Body Repairs

With the ever increasing traffic on our roads and full parking lots, it’s not surprising at all when your car gets little scrapes and scratches, dings and dents. If this small dents are ignored and left to accumulate, they will reduce the re-sale value of your car. So the best thing to do is take action and look for a quality Kenilworth car body repairs center. As long as you have an idea of what you are looking for, finding a reputable and reliable car body repair center maybe alot tougher than you might think.

Kenilworth Car Body Repairs

Warwick, Leamington Spa & Kenilworth Car Body Repairs

When you visit a repair shop, what is it you look for in order to know quality? The very first thing you need to look at is the car they have completed repairing. If they do allow you, it would be better to take a stroll around the shop. When you look at different cars in different repair stages, you will be able to tell if those repairs will last.

So, when assessing a full body repair, what do you look for? Take all the time, take a close look at the job and see if anything immediately jumps out. Does the color used match? It should look natural and untouched matching 100%. Then look at how its masked and whether there is paint around the trims or on the rubbers. Bend down to look at the panels because a good Kenilworth car body repairs should be flat with no signs of ripples. If its not flat then its not quality. Look at the paintwork. If you see little pin holes or fine scratches, which are called sinkage or mapping out, then its not quality.  It maybe time to take a raincheck.

Visit Our Kenilworth Car Body Repairs Workshop

You should then look at the overall texture of the paint to see if it matches with the original. A poor body repair job will not last and will reduce the re-sale value of your car. So make sure you are content with what you see. Try not to be shy with the questions this does not necessarily mean you be cocky or arrogant, be friendly. Asking questions will give you insight on the people you will be working with. If they are also annoying or defensive, they are probably not the right people to bring your car to.

Check if the cars in the Kenilworth Car Body Repairs workshop are masked up and dust free and whether they use dust extraction blocks or sanding machines. Check or ask if they use low bake oven to dry the primers or paint or if they use infra-red lamp. Only the two options make the painting last very long. If they don’t have any of those, forget about them.

car service in Kenilworth

Car Service In Kenilworth

Car Service In Kenilworth & Advice For Motorists

Cars, just like all other machinery requires to be maintained on a regular basis. If you neglect your car, it will become insufficient and eventually stop working completely. For this reason, car service in Kenilworth is completely important. If done so regularly, your car will perform and last the optimum level for a very long time.

DIY car service in Kenilworth & maintenance

You do not need to sorely depend on mechanics and garages to take care of your car. There are a few basic checks that all drivers ought to do regardless of what their mechanical knowledge is. You could really save some money as well as increase your safety by checking the engine oil, coolant levels, tyre pressure and tyre tread depth regularly.

car service in Kenilworth

Even though it might not seem like much, at car service Kenilworth we advise you check on these four things. You will save yourself a lot of time and trouble. Besides, if any of these is too low, the effect on the rest of the car can be very dangerous. Even though this might not cause an accident. It may leave an effect on your bank account either through repair or the amount of petrol you will have to use. The amount of petrol will increase because of the rolling resistance of the car being too high than it should be. So ignoring these checks will be at your own peril.

Different Car service in Kenilworth 

Even if you are the most cautious driver, you should book your car in for servicing at least once a year. As a general rule, you will have three types of services to choose from, which are oil service, interim service and full service.

Depending on your car and how much you use it, it would be best you check what is involved in all the services. The most basic service is the oil check and this will include checking the lights, exhaust and the tyres. The old oil will be replaced with new and the old oil filter will be removed and replaced as well. If you use your car extremely, you might want to book a checking every six months.

The interim service will include about 25 to 35 safety checks on the car. Components like the brake fluid, handbrake, steering as well as suspension will be checked at a good car mechanical workshop.

The full car service in Kenilworth is the most comprehensive and is recommended at least once a year. This means that every aspect of the car will be checked, repaired or replaced depending on the need. There will be well more than 50 checkups and the full service will ensure your car is on top condition. Small issues are better fixed before they turn into bi problems and they are a lot cheaper as well.