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Body Shop Kenilworth Modern Repairing techniques

Your car could be in a very good condition but after some years of use, it will need necessary repairs. The paint might fade, it could get some scratches, cracks and dents that even waxing cannot cover. Below are some of the modern car repairs techniques your car will go through to look brand new again.

Body Shop Kenilworth

100% auto paint match In Our Body Shop Kenilworth

 Regardless of whether the car will need a whole body shop Kenilworth to paint or spot painting in order to cover dents. The paint used will have to match with the original paint 100%. To achieve this, the technique used is known as photo spectrometer, which analyses the original car paint. They use a computerized auto paint color match system to find the color that will match the one on your car. Once found, the painting will be done very carefully so that they can achieve a flawless look. By the time they are done, it will look like you just bought it from the showroom.

Paint Less Dent Repair At Body Shop Kenilworth

 Dents are usually caused by impacts when the car comes into contact with hard surfaces. The problem is that they could occur anywhere, especially near the curve, which is very noticeable and very hard to repair. In this case, paint less dent repair is done. There are certain special tools used to press, knead or even rub down on that surface until it goes back to its normal shape. They will do this while ensuring the paint does not get damaged. If the dents are on harder to reach places like the edge of the cars’ floor, they use fill ant spray methods.

Body frame straightening

 If your car experiences collisions with another car or a big object and suffers a longitudinal or lateral damage on the frame, body frame straightening will be done. During this process, they use a computerized tool, an ultrasound technology that measures the discrepancy of the flame alignment. Then a laser is used to align the frame back to shape very accurately.

Body Shop Kenilworth Specialist in SMART repair

 This technique is used to repair very small damages like chipped and scratched paint. This is a bit harder because only that tiny spot should be sprayed very accurately. This is very useful especially for new cars because they damage maybe conspicuous as the body shop Kenilworth will still be glossy and newly painted. Some auto shops tend to offer mobile services where they come to your home for the repair. This way, you won’t have to wait long before using your car again. All you have to do is research online for a reputable and reliable repair shop.

Classic Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration By CarTech-UK – Kenilworth, Coventry

Most people have been interested in classic car restoration ever since day one of their creation. Ever since the first cars turned out, someone decided to restore one of them and the same goes for today. The beauty of classic cars is the bold lines, the crowns and the contours of the sheet metals placed there by the manufacturers.

Classic Car Restoration

Classic car restoration is the process of bringing it back to the way it was when it was first built. This involves repairing or even re-creating some of the car parts. Which could be anything from the entire engine, the brakes, the engine cooling systems or electrical systems. Some of the best classic car restorers try to use the original genuine parts as much as possible. This is for the assurance that the restored car is as close to its original shape as possible. In case the original parts as not available, some restorers could custom-fabricate those parts or components.

Classic Car Restoration – Warwickshire, West Midlands

A full classic car restoration could take anywhere from months to years before completion and cost thousands of dollars. It is often a very daunting task that should not be taken lightly at all. For this reason, a restorer must have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them to achieve this goal. Actually, it works even better when the restorer has a genuine passion for the task.  Someone whom is simply in love with classic cars and the task of bringing them back to life.

The classic car will only be considered restored if and when it is successfully returned to its state when it was first sold. If some of the parts are simply repaired or even replaced, then it will be called a repair job and not a complete restoration.

Nowadays, classic car restoration has become a very lucrative enterprise with the growing number of enthusiast and all. It has become a serious passion for both the restorers as well as the automobile owners. Vintage car owners need to only deal with expert restorers if they want their precious classic cars brought back to their original form.

If you have a classic car restoration project near Kenilworth, Coventry, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire,  you need to make sure you get the very best. You should go to the restorers shop and look at the cars they have restored. What they are doing and how they are doing it. See that the cars they have resorted look like the results you would like to see on your car. Otherwise, if all they have done are repair jobs then you had best leave and look elsewhere.

Classic cars are a thing of beauty and bringing them back to their original shape needs professional experts.

Kenilworth Car Body Repairs

Kenilworth Car Body Repairs

Kenilworth Car Body Repairs

With the ever increasing traffic on our roads and full parking lots, it’s not surprising at all when your car gets little scrapes and scratches, dings and dents. If this small dents are ignored and left to accumulate, they will reduce the re-sale value of your car. So the best thing to do is take action and look for a quality Kenilworth car body repairs center. As long as you have an idea of what you are looking for, finding a reputable and reliable car body repair center maybe alot tougher than you might think.

Kenilworth Car Body Repairs

Warwick, Leamington Spa & Kenilworth Car Body Repairs

When you visit a repair shop, what is it you look for in order to know quality? The very first thing you need to look at is the car they have completed repairing. If they do allow you, it would be better to take a stroll around the shop. When you look at different cars in different repair stages, you will be able to tell if those repairs will last.

So, when assessing a full body repair, what do you look for? Take all the time, take a close look at the job and see if anything immediately jumps out. Does the color used match? It should look natural and untouched matching 100%. Then look at how its masked and whether there is paint around the trims or on the rubbers. Bend down to look at the panels because a good Kenilworth car body repairs should be flat with no signs of ripples. If its not flat then its not quality. Look at the paintwork. If you see little pin holes or fine scratches, which are called sinkage or mapping out, then its not quality.  It maybe time to take a raincheck.

Visit Our Kenilworth Car Body Repairs Workshop

You should then look at the overall texture of the paint to see if it matches with the original. A poor body repair job will not last and will reduce the re-sale value of your car. So make sure you are content with what you see. Try not to be shy with the questions this does not necessarily mean you be cocky or arrogant, be friendly. Asking questions will give you insight on the people you will be working with. If they are also annoying or defensive, they are probably not the right people to bring your car to.

Check if the cars in the Kenilworth Car Body Repairs workshop are masked up and dust free and whether they use dust extraction blocks or sanding machines. Check or ask if they use low bake oven to dry the primers or paint or if they use infra-red lamp. Only the two options make the painting last very long. If they don’t have any of those, forget about them.