Kenilworth Car Service

Kenilworth Car Service

What happens during a Kenilworth car service?

At least once every year, most people book their cars in Warwickshire for an annual Kenilworth Car Service. You probably know the importance of a full car service because it ensures that the car runs at optimum performance. Making it a lot safer to drive, a lot more efficient  hence saving you money.  What exactly happens while you are waiting to collect the car and are watching the mechanics hard at work? Below is an insight in to some of the things that happen during a Kenilworth car service.

Depending on the type of service you booked your car for, things that will happen to it will vary. Every garage is bound to be a bit different but this will give you an idea on the different types of services and what could happen to the car.

Kenilworth Car Service

One Hour Kenilworth Car Service

Interim service- This is to ensure that the car is road worthy and safe between full Kenilworth Car service. This can be done every six months and will offer you peace of mind that your car is functioning as it should.

Full services- Generally carried out once a year and it is very important in maintain a car. After discussing any concerns or issues you might have about the car with you, the technician will fit seat and footwell protection covers, check for damages on the car body and check on the wheel trims. Before they raise the vehicle, they will check the interior and exterior lights, the horn as well as the seat belts to make sure they are working properly. They will then check the head lamps, number plates and mirrors and ensure that the windscreen, wipers and wiper’s alignment are in shape. Next up checks on the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) warning lights for correct operation and the heater plug indicator.  They will also examine your fuel cap, clutch action or clutch slip.

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After this, they will check on the battery terminals under the bonnet as well as the auxiliary drive belts. The radiator hoses will be checked for leaks as well as the strength of the anti freeze and check to see that the coolant has not leaked. On a diesel vehicle, the technical will check whether the cam-belt or the pollen filter needs to be replaced. The expansion bottle and cap area also checked for leaks and the clutch hydraulics are adjusted if necessary. The electric cooling fan is checked, the HT leads are reviewed and the air filter checked as well.

Then they will check the wheels and for leaks, wear and corrosion on the steering and suspension. The wheels and brake dams are removed and checked for cracks, corrosion, distortion as well as scoring. They check basically on everything about the car during a Kenilworth Car Service.

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